Best Male Heroes and Villains for Fashion and Costume Inspiration

Costume design can be an impactful element of TV and film, and over the years we’ve seen many heroes and villains inspire costumes, especially around Halloween. With the spooky season upon us, we have taken a look at the most popular heroes and villains for fashion and fancy dress by analysing search data for fashion, costume, fancy dress and Halloween related search terms.
Whether you’re looking to channel James Bond at your next black tie event, or simply want to recreate the Joker’s purple suit for fancy dress, this list will help you, or your partners, be the best dressed this Halloween.

Most Popular Hero Outfits

1. Spiderman- 140010 monthly searches
2. Luke Skywalker- 96330 monthly searches
3. Harry Potter- 69650 monthly searches
4. Batman- 56240 monthly searches
5. Jack Sparrow- 20140 monthly searches
6. Indiana Jones- 10900 monthly searches
7. James Bond- 8310 monthly searches
8. Neo - Matrix- 3760 monthly searches
9. Maverick- 2950 monthly searches
10. Top Gun Smiffy- 1630 monthly searches

Spiderman came out as the number one hero for costumes, alongside Luke Skywalker, Harry Potter and Batman. Neo-Matrix and James Bond came out on top for most fashionable heroes amongst the list, if you’re opting for a suave look this Halloween and festive season, then a dinner jacketroll neck or three-piece suit will go a long way.

Most Fashionable Heroes

1. Neo - Matrix- 1800
2. James Bond- 1200
3. Harry Potter- 950
4. Batman- 740
5. Indiana Jones- 270
6. Maverick- 130
7. Top Gun Smiffy- 130
8. Luke Skywalker- 70
9. Jack Sparrow- 20
10. Spiderman- 10

Most Popular Heroes for Fancy Dress

1. Spiderman- 137500
2. Luke Skywalker- 96210
3. Harry Potter- 60600
4. Batman- 48600
5. Jack Sparrow- 19950
6. Indiana Jones- 10510
7. James Bond- 6600
8. Maverick- 2800
9. Neo - Matrix- 1890
10. Top Gun Smiffy- 1480

Most Popular Heroes for Halloween

1. Harry Potter- 8100
2. Batman- 6900
3. Spiderman- 2500
4. James Bond- 510
5. Jack Sparrow- 170
6. Indiana Jones- 120
7. Neo - Matrix- 70
8. Luke Skywalker- 50
9. Maverick- 20
10. Top Gun Smiffy- 20

Most Popular Villain Outfits

1. Joker- 59950 monthly searches
2. Michael Myers- 57850 monthly searches
3. Freddy Kruger- 28300 monthly searches
4. Voldermort- 6440 monthly searches
5. Terminator- 4150 monthly searches
6. Hannibal Lector- 2800 monthly searches
7. Ernst Stavro Blofeld- 920 monthly searches
8. Baron Samedi- 780 monthly searches
9. Dr. No- 240 monthly searches
10. Jaws Bond- 40 monthly searches

The Joker and Michael Myers came out on top for most popular villain outfits, with a combined total of 94700 average monthly searches for “Joker costume” and “Michael Myers costume”. The Joker is also a popular villain for his fashion sense, with many people looking to style a colourful suit.

The Bond villains had a combined monthly search volume of 1980, with people mostly looking to dress as the characters for fancy-dress. Whether that’s Baron Samedi’s infamous top hat, or Dr No’s iconic grey suit, the Bond villains had an eye for taste. But, James Bond himself still proves to be more popular than the villains combined, with his evolving sense of style keeping fans hooked after 60 years of the films franchise.

Most Fashionable Villain

1. Joker- 250 monthly searches
2. Hannibal Lector- 120 monthly searches
3. Terminator- 60 monthly searches
4. Freddy Kruger- 10 monthly searches

Most Popular Villain for Fancy Dress

1. Joker- 59200 monthly searches
2. Michael Myers- 37550 monthly searches
3. Freddy Kruger- 27190 monthly searches
4. Voldermort- 6350 monthly searches
5. Terminator- 3920 monthly searches
6. Hannibal Lector- 2390 monthly searches
7. Ernst Stavro Blofeld- 920 monthly searches
8. Baron Samedi- 740 monthly searches
9. Dr. No- 240 monthly searches
10. Jaws Bond- 40 monthly searches

Most Popular Villain for Halloween

1. Michael Myers- 20300 monthly searches
2. Freddy Kruger- 1100 monthly searches
3. Joker- 500 monthly searches
4. Hannibal Lector- 290 monthly searches
5. Terminator- 170 monthly searches
6. Voldermort- 90 monthly searches
7. Baron Samedi- 40 monthly searches

Outfits That Help You Stand Out From The Crowd

This year, people are taking to pop culture for Halloween inspiration, with costumes inspired by Euphoria, Stranger Things and Bridgerton, as well as iconic red carpet moments. But classics will always make a return, with the love of old school costumes living on through Spiderman, Michael Myers and other characters on our list.

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