Organic Cashmere

Over 60% of our product range currently meets the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for cashmere and we’re working on the other 40%. What this means is that no fertilizers or pesticides are used on the land where the goats graze and only organic dyes are used on the yarn and the quality isn’t compromised either, 100% organic cashmere is often softer with deeper colour absorption.

Know what is next to your skin

-Non allergenic and non toxic

-Organic dyes and detergents


-Free from fertilizers and pesticides

-Supporting 50% more wildlife and saving bees

-Fully traceable from Goat to Garment

Our organic cashmere originates from the N.Peal Mongolian cooperative, covering 428 sq kilometres of closely managed, fertilizer and pesticide free, grasslands.

What organic cashmere means in reality is that no fertilizer or pesticides are used on the land where our goats graze, organic dyes are used to colour the yarn and specialised water treatments are used which are kinder to the environment. The fantastic news is that alongside being more environmentally conscious, our organic garments are also fundamentally better by delivering a richer colour in the dyeing process whilst maintaining an incredibly soft handle. 

We strongly believe in the positive environmental impact of Organic production, and have already invested heavily in the transition. However, as well as sustainability, our core principle is to manufacture the best quality cashmere, and 100% Organic cashmere is no exception – the quality is discerningly the best. 

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