How to Dry Cashmere to Keep Your N.Peal Knitwear in Shape

How to Dry Cashmere to Keep Your N.Peal Knitwear in Shape

Your N.Peal cashmere garment deserves nothing but the best of care to keep it looking as fabulous as the first time you wear it. If you're unsure of how to dry cashmere after washing, we're here to help. Below is our step by step guide to drying your cashmere so that it maintains its fine quality and elegant shape, year after year. As we explain in The Complete Guide To Caring For Your Cashmere, the best way to wash cashmere is dry cleaning, or by hand with a gentle product such as our very own Cashmere Wash. However, the process of drying your N.Peal Mongolian cashmere is just as important as washing it, so follow the steps below to keep your cashmere in perfect condition - just as it deserves.

Three Easy Steps to Drying Your Cashmere Garment

Step 1.

Place a large clean, dry towel on the floor and lay your damp cashmere garment flat on top, re-shaping the garment if needed. Then begin gently rolling the towel lengthways, rolling your garment into the towel.

Step 2.

When the towel is fully rolled, firmly press down on it along the length to remove as much excess water as possible from your garment. Then unroll the towel and carefully re-shape your cashmere again if necessary.

Step 3.

Leave your cashmere to air-dry flat on a mesh knitwear drying rack, taking care to avoid exposing it to a direct heat source such as radiators or sunlight. When completely dry, you can lightly press your cashmere with a cool iron to remove any creases. You may also wish to use our Cashmere Comb to remove any 'pills' that may have formed on the surface.

We would recommend that you avoid hanging wet or damp cashmere garments on a coat hanger, as the weight of the water in the fibres will cause your garment to stretch. Can I Tumble-Dry My Cashmere?

Due to the delicate nature of luxury cashmere, we strongly advise against using a tumble dryer as part of your cashmere care routine. Using a tumble dryer can damage the fine fabric of your cashmere garment or cause shrinkage, which cannot be repaired.

How Do I Store My Cashmere?

When your cashmere garment is dry, if you plan to wear it often, we would recommend that it is carefully folded and stored on a shelf or in a drawer away from heat sources or sunlight. Prevent damage to your cashmere from mildew or clothes moths by storing your garments with our natural Cedar Balls.

Should you need to store your cashmere for a longer period, such as over the summer months when you may not be wearing your garment, we advise storage in a breathable zip-up plastic bag with our Cedar Balls. This should then be placed in a dark cupboard or wardrobe, away from damp and sources of heat.

Varying changes in temperature may cause of condensation to form inside the plastic bags. To ensure this does not cause damage to your garment, open the bag to allow your garments to 'air' once every three months. We hope that you've found our guide to drying your N.Peal cashmere useful, and that you feel confident with caring for your cashmere to preserve its luxurious look and feel for years to come. For a complete range of cashmere care products, take a look at our exclusive Cashmere Care collection, or discover the latest additions to our Men's and Women's cashmere collection to inspire you.