How To Store Your Cashmere Clothing

How To Store Your Cashmere Clothing

Luxurious cashmere clothing is an elegant wardrobe staple that never goes out of style. To make sure your delicate garments are always in pristine condition, it's vital to know how to store your cashmere clothing correctly. This is particularly important if you're transitioning your wardrobe between seasons and won't be wearing your favourite cashmere garments for a while.

A common issue when storing cashmere is how to prevent moths from getting into your delicate clothing. While it may not be pleasant to think about pesky moths damaging your cashmere, we recommend taking necessary precautions with your cashmere so it's ready to wear straight from your wardrobe at any time!

This helpful guide from N.Peal will show you how to prepare and store your cashmere, including using high-quality products from our collaboration with the iconic New York brand The Laundress.

Maintain the Quality of Your Cashmere

If your cashmere is clean, it might just need a little TLC before storing. A common sign of general 'wear and tear' is pilling, where the fabric rolls up into small balls and is caused by friction against other fabrics.

We know how frustrating it can be to find pilling on your favourite cashmere garment. Luckily, we can help you quickly restore your cashmere.

Tackle pilling on smaller cashmere clothing such as jumpers, cardigans, or scarves with The Cashmere Comb. Use the comb in one direction and apply gentle pressure in short strokes and the small metal mesh will safely gather the dreaded pills.

Removing pilling on thicker items of cashmere knitwear such as coatigans, capes, and outerwear is easy with The Cashmere Stone. Gently glide it over the fabric in one direction to refresh your cashmere.

Cleaning Your Seasonal Cashmere Before Storing

Before you say goodbye to your favourite cashmere garments for another season, it's important to wash your items thoroughly.

A gentle wash like The Laundress Cashmere Wash is specifically formulated to preserve your delicate cashmere clothing, ensuring it stays soft while stored in your wardrobe. It also has a divine scent of fresh bergamot, blue lavender and wild rose to guarantee your items smell fresh when it's time to wear them again.

If you notice a stain on your cashmere, we strongly advise removing it and drying the garment completely before storing; see our advice on how to remove stains from cashmere.

How to Fold Delicate Cashmere

Once your delicate cashmere garments are clean and completely dry, how you fold them is key to preserving their shape and luxuriously soft texture. Resist the temptation to hang your cashmere up in your wardrobe - this will stretch the sleeves and make your precious garments lose their beautiful shape.

Before folding, if you find that your garments need ironing, use a low setting and place a clean cotton tea towel between the iron and your cashmere. Once ironed, place your cashmere items carefully on a clean, flat surface and carefully fold.

Folding cashmere jumpers is easy. Start by folding each sleeve into the middle of the garment while keeping the fabric straight (and avoiding stretching the sleeves). Finally, turn the cashmere jumper over and fold the bottom half underneath.

Cashmere Storage Essentials

If you need to store your cashmere garments between wears, we recommend putting your items inside a storage bag and keeping them away from direct sources of dust, odours and heat. For long-term storage, clean and fold your cashmere clothing as we've suggested to ensure they'll be ready to wear for the next season. Pack them in a storage bag and store in a cool, dark place away from damp and dust. Ideal storage places include drawers or your wardrobe. At N.Peal you'll find Large Storage Bags, which are ideal for storing larger delicate cashmere garments, including cashmere dresses, trousers and coats. Knowing how to store cashmere jumpers is simple thanks to our Small Storage Bags, designed for smaller cashmere items like jumpers, tops and accessories.

Both canvas bags are made from soft and durable 100% cotton, a fibre less likely to attract moths so your seasonal cashmere clothing stays protected for longer. These bags have a top zip fastening so you don't have to worry about your favourite cashmere getting damaged by pesky moths or bugs when you're not wearing them.

If you're not sure what size storage bag to use, we recommend buying the larger size so you can store multiple items and allow your cashmere to breathe.

Prevent Moth or Mildew Damage

Before you pack your cashmere away, we recommend using specialist cashmere care accessories for additional protection. Our Cedar Balls are easy to pop into a storage bag, or can be placed inside a drawer if that's where you're storing your cashmere. A well-known natural moth-repellent, cedar balls also help absorb moisture from your items to prevent an unpleasant mildew smell tainting your beloved cashmere.

If you'd like to find out more about taking care of your cashmere, you can read our caring for cashmere guide on The Journal.