The Eagerly Awaited No Time To Die Combat Trouser

The Eagerly Awaited No Time To Die Combat Trouser



      N.Peal is delighted to announce the launch of its film inspired Combat Trousers as well as the re-release of its iconic Navy Ribbed Army Jumper, as worn by 007 in the upcoming James Bond film, No Time To Die. The exclusive combat trouser is made out of 100% cotton with all the details of the pair worn by James Bond in No Time To Die whilst the matching Combat Jumper in navy is made with a blend of 90% Superfine Merino and 10% cashmere. Modelling its design on British Military Commando trousers, N.Peal developed this piece in conjunction with No Time To Die costume designer Suttirat Anne Larlarb. Bond wears the trousers and sweater on the character poster and during some key action scenes.



      Suttirat Anne Larlarb said this of the trousers:

      “From the closet of each and every Bond film there always emerges a memorable, informal look that combines a modern take on utility with the character’s effortless and refined style. I knew we needed a trouser for Bond that would marry well with the commando sweater that we were already in the process of developing with N.Peal. They would need to have a tactical functionality, with pockets dimensioned and positioned for specific props, but would also need to be visually interesting. Utility details – like the front left gusseted pocket, ankle zips, adjustable hem straps, interior pocket fixtures and components – were all chosen and developed not only to fulfil the practical needs of the costume but in keeping with the essence of Bond’s signature style. Over the course of filming, multiple versions of these trousers were prototyped in our workshop; at every subsequent fitting we continued to refine the pattern for everchanging technical requirements while also perfecting the cut, details and fit until we had the perfect pant for Bond to carry out his mission.

      The Combat Pant was designed not only to meet the particular demands of the action sequence in which they are worn (along with the commando sweater), but very much with an eye towards maintaining the iconic edge that defines James Bond.”



      For N.Peal managing director, Adam Holdsworth, the collaboration was equally rewarding. “We’re very pleased to work with the James Bond franchise and our project with Suttirat and No Time To Die is something of which we are very proud.”

      In addition, N.Peal also supplied a cashmere T-shirt, which is worn in the film by Madeleine Swann.


      All three of these signature pieces are exclusively available now to purchase from N.Peal prior to No Time To Die’s theatrical release on 30th September 2021. You can find all of N.Peal's No Time To Die products here.