BACK TO BASICS - To V, to Roll, to Round or to Mock?

BACK TO BASICS - To V, to Roll, to Round or to Mock?

N.Peal cashmere comes in all shapes and sizes - with beautiful details to elevate every piece. But do you know your V from your polo - or your crew from your mock? Let’s have a look and see the all important differences…

Round Neck Jumpers  Round Neck Jumper

Round Necks

The round neck (aka the crew neck) is the simple collar-free round cut neckline, cut to sit on the collarbone. Flattering and elegant, it is great worn alone or over a shirt and great with statement necklaces. Explore our Men's Round Necks and Women's Round Necks

V Necks

The popular V neck is just that – a neckline cut in a V. Great over shirts, polos or t shirts it is often favoured worn alone by the ladies to show off the neck and upper chest. Again, fabulous worn with statement jewellery. Explore our Women's V Necks and our Men's V Necks


Polo Necks

The polo neck, or roll neck as we call it at N.Peal, divides the nation! Super popular for its cosy fit and warmth properties or disliked for reaching up the neck, only you can decide. At N Peal we have a wealth of different roll neck styles from fitted and elongated to shorter and looser fit, something for every cashmere aficionado! Wear your polo folded over or super long for varying looks. Explore our Women's Roll Necks and Men's Roll Necks


Mock Necks

The Mock neck - is best described as having a higher collar that goes all the way around the neck but doesn’t fold down. A hybrid round / polo neck. Explore our Men's Mock Necks and our Women's Mock Necks


Half Zips

For gents this is by far the most popular style, a half zip at the collar to be worn up, down or half way. Perfect over shirts or T shirts. Newly introduced to some ladies styles we will see how it fares, but so far it’s looking popular! Explore our Women's Half Zips and our Men's Half Zips